Hex Screws(Mounting Hole Shape:Hex Socket)

Hexagon bolts
Generally known as "bolts", they are screws with a hexagonal head.
Hexagon bolts are commonly used with nuts, and a spanner or wrench is used to tighten.
For standardized products with long nominal length, half screw and full screw are available.
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Product Series
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Nominal of Thread (M)
Length L (mm)
Screw Type
Detailed Shape
Mounting Hole Shape
Surface Treatment
Thread Type
Additional Shape
Sales Unit
Nominal of Thread (inch)
Strength Class (Steel)
Strength Class (Stainless Steel)
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Steel Strength Classification 12.9 Hex Bolt

    Small Hex Screw




    Product Series

    Steel Strength Classification 12.9 Hex Bolt【1-100 Pieces Per Package】

    Small Hex Screw

    Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more 4 Day(s) or more
    Nominal of Thread (M)6 ~ 20-
    Length L (mm)10 ~ 25025 ~ 100
    Pitch(mm)1 ~ 2.5-
    Screw Type--
    Detailed ShapeStandard-
    Mounting Hole ShapeHex SocketHex Socket
    Surface TreatmentBlack Oxide Film-
    Thread TypeMetric, Coarse-
    Additional ShapeStandard-
    Sales UnitLow Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.) ~ Box, Pkg.Low Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.)
    Nominal of Thread (inch)-1/2 ~ 3/8
    Strength Class (Steel)12.9-
    Strength Class (Stainless Steel)--


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