Screws for Building Materials(Surface Treatment:Zinc Plating)

Construction Screws
These screws are fastened into materials for use. They are also called wood screws and can be bonded more firmly than nails can.
We also stock insert nuts and bolts for concrete, boards, and hooks.
We handle nearly all products in market circulation, supporting all target materials, tool materials, surface processing, head shapes, sizes, and more.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Thread Nominal (M)
Screw Nominal (inch)
Surface Treatment
Mounting Hole Shape
Sales Unit
Nail Head Diameter(mm)

    Hexagon Coach Screw (Flat Diameter = 19 Imported Item)

      Hexagon Coach Screw (Flat Diameter = 14 Imported Item)

        Rack Support Screw





        Product Series

        Hexagon Coach Screw (Flat Diameter = 19 Imported Item)【50 Pieces Per Package】

        Hexagon Coach Screw (Flat Diameter = 14 Imported Item)【100-150 Pieces Per Package】

        Rack Support Screw【50 Pieces Per Package】

        Days to Ship 5 Day(s) or more 5 Day(s) or more 7 Day(s) or more
        TypeCoach ScrewCoach ScrewOther Wood Screws
        Thread Nominal (M)128-
        Screw Nominal (inch)---
        Length9050 ~ 10032
        Surface TreatmentZinc PlatingZinc PlatingZinc Plating
        Mounting Hole ShapeN/AN/ACross Recessed
        Sales UnitBox / PackageBox / PackageBox / Package
        Nail Head Diameter(mm)---


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