Round Shank, Tip Processed Core Pins(P dimension tolerance:±0.01)

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Product Series
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Shaft diameter tolerance
L/F dimension tolerance
P dimension tolerance
P-2E tolerance
W dimension tolerance
W-2E tolerance
Step (Step shape)
Shape (Tip shape)
D/P (Shaft diameter)(mm)

    Round Shank Core Pins



    Product Series

    Round Shank Core Pins

    Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more
    MaterialSKH51 / SKD61
    Shaft diameter tolerance0/-0.005
    L/F dimension tolerance+0.02/0 / +0.01/0
    P dimension tolerance±0.01
    P-2E tolerance±0.01
    W dimension tolerance±0.01 / ±0.005
    W-2E tolerance±0.01 / ±0.005
    Step (Step shape)B (for round shank) / C (for round shank) / D (for round shank)
    Shape (Tip shape)D / H / E / F / G
    D/P (Shaft diameter)(mm)2 ~ 10


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