Gas Springs(Brand:MISUMI)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Set/single item
Outer diameter (D)(mm)
Stroke (S)(mm)
L Dimension (L)(mm)
Initial load(N)
Maximum load(N)
Plate Type
Gas Venting With Hose Linkage
Mounting position (Flange shape)
Body Type

    Gas Spring -Global Standard Type GSV-



    Product Series

    Gas Spring -Global Standard Type GSV-

    Days to Ship 2 Day(s) or more
    Set/single itemBody only
    Outer diameter (D)(mm)19 ~ 195
    Stroke (S)(mm)7 ~ 125
    L Dimension (L)(mm)44 ~ 360
    Initial load(N)1700 ~ 117000
    Maximum load(N)2800 ~ 330000
    Plate Type-
    Gas Venting With Hose Linkage-
    Mounting position (Flange shape)-
    Body Type-


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