3D Preview Not Displayed

Internet Explorer (Installation of ActiveX control)

To display preview of the selected parts, ActiveX control must be installed in your browser.

1If ActiveX is not installed in your browser

When a component is selected, a new window will appear under the toolbar with the message "This site might require the following ActiveX control…"
Click on the “install” icon to install "ActiveX control“.

2After clicking on the “Install” icon, a new window will appear. Click “Yes” and downloading will start.

* In the case where ActiveX is not installed properly

In Internet Explorer, follow these steps accordingly:

1. Click on ‘’Internet Options’’ on the ‘’Tools’’ menu.

2. Click on “Security” tab.

3. Click on the “Internet” icon.

4. Click “Custom Level” button to open the Active X settings.

5. Check "Prompt“ or "Enable" for "Download signed ActiveX controls“.

Restore original settings when ActiveX is installed successfully.

Manual install

To obtain the web viewer for manual installation, please visit www.partsolutions.com/webviewer