Download CAD Data

To download CAD data from product pages, please follow the instructions below. Please note that:

  • * You will need to log into your account to download CAD data.
  • * CAD data may be unavailable for some products.

If you are looking for CAD data for Press/Mold products, please kindly click here.

Select your specifications, dimensions

1 Specify product type and dimensions

Key in the required product in the search box.
Select or type in the dimensions as required at "Specification/Dimensions".

Select, Preview and Download CAD Data

2.1 Select and download CAD data

Click on “CAD Download” button and select the CAD data to download for the selected part number as shown below.

Mechanical components (MISUMI brand)

2.2 Preview CAD data before downloading

If there is a "3D Preview" tab in the middle of the product page, click it to view a 3D preview.
* If you have not specified a part number, the 3D preview for a sample product appears.

2.2.1 View 3D Preview

Click on "3D Preview" tab to generate a 3D preview.
  (It may take some time to generate the preview.)

  • *Please note that:
    1. if you have not selected a part number, kindly specify the part number you require in "Specification/Dimensions" in the panel on the left.
    2. if you have not specified a part number, the 3D Preview may not appear.

How to manipulate the 3D preview

Rotate: Left-click and drag the mouse pointer on the image.
Zoom: Press Ctrl and left-click while dragging the mouse pointer up to enlarge the image or down to reduce it.

3D preview control panel

  1. From left to right:
  2. 1. Transparent drawing (line drawing)
  3. 2. Delete opaque lines
  4. 3. Opaque line drawing available
  5. 4. Restore display size
  6. 5. Front preview
  7. 6. Back preview
  8. 7. Left preview
  9. 8. Right preview
  10. 9. Preview from above
  11. 10. Preview from bottom
  12. 11. 3D rotational view

2.2.2 Select CAD data to download after 3D Preview

Click the "CAD Data Download" tab to select a file format.
Select a format and click "Generate" to start the download. (It may take some time to generate the preview.)

* If you need CAD drawing of a specific dimension / specification, kindly key your required dimension using the ‘Configure’ panel on the left.